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Food for thought in Bucharest

January  1st  isn’t the only day of the year people celebrate the New Year. The Chinese New Year , also known as known as Spring Festival, will fall  this year on January  31st, 2014.  The event is celebrated on a different day each year since the Chinese calendar is lunisolar - taking into account both the earth and moon’s movement.

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday of the year for Chinese people. It is sometimes called the Lunar New Year, especially by people outside China. 
The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar, and lasts for 15 days. 
The Chinese New Year begins on a different date each year. Between February 10th, 2013 and January 30th, 2014 was the Year of the Snake. The Year of the  Horse will start on January 31st, 2014 (The Lunar New Year/Spring Festival of China) and last until February 18th, 2014.

Click here to learn about the origins of the Chinese New Year.


Popular Superstitions

  • Cleaning the house from top to bottom before New Year's Day is believed to bring good luck in the coming year.
  • People open windows and/or doors to "let in" good luck.
  • Leaving the lights on in the house overnight is believe to 'scare away' any evil ghosts and spirits.
  • Some people believe that what happens on the first day of the Chinses New Year reflects the rest of the year to  come. Chinese people will often gamble at the start of the yera,  hoping to obtain good luck and prosperity if they win.



Some Chinese New Year Traditions

  • Visiting friends and relatives.
  • Giving children money in "lucky" red envelopes (Hong Bao)
  • Shopping for new clothes.
  • Setting off fireworks. 
  • Eating sweets to ensure a "sweet" new year.
  • Wearing red clothes.


A video about  Chinese New Year  traditions


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