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Food for thought in Bucharest

Myths and heroes

The idea of progress

Terminale L

You had to select a song of the 60s and explain the reasons for your choice.

This is Aurélie's choice:

The Happening (1967)

The Supremes


Hey life look at me, I can see the reality

Cause when you shook me, took me out of my world

I woke up; suddenly I just woke up to the happening.


When you find that you left the future behind

Cause when you got a tender love you don-t

Take care of, then you better beware of the happening.


One-day you-re up, then you turn around

You find your world is tumbling down

It happened to me and it can happen to you.


I was sure, I felt secure, until love took a detour

Yeah, riding high on top of the world

It happened, suddenly it just happened.


I saw my dreams torn apart, when love walked away from my heart

And when you lose that precious love you need to guide you

Something happens inside you, the happening.


Now I see life for what it is

It-s not all dreams, it-s not all bliss

It happened to me and it can happen to you



Ooo, and then it happened

Ooo, and then it happened

Ooo, and then it happened

Ooo, and then it happened.


Is it real, is it fake, is this game of life a mistake

Cause when I lost the love I thought was mine

For certain, suddenly I started hurting.


I saw the light too late, when that fickle finger of fate

Yeah came and broke my pretty balloon

I woke up; suddenly I just woke up to the happening.


The Happening by The Supremes

A few lines from Aurélie about her choice:

    " Diana Ross is a famous singer who began her career in the 60’s as lead vocal in “The Supremes” female trio. The band was successful, particularly in the United States where they came from. Diana’s voice is calm, the songs are simple but at the same time catchy, making you want to dance the same step they make and finally, the melody lingers in the mind.

     At first, I didn’t have a specific song in mind, so I surfed on the Internet and heard this song. Even if it deals with a frequent topic: love, it’s likely different from the singles as “You cant’ hurry love” or “Stop in the name of love” that everybody has heard at least once in his life. The “James Bond-alike” beginning is contrasting with the joyful and to some extent naive tune.

     In my opinion, it embodies the “swinging sixties”. On the one hand because of the way the girls are dressed, and on the other, since it’s the soundtrack of a movie with the same title. From what I saw of the trailer, it seems to be willing to show with humor the generation gap that will stand out the next year. In France for example, students will praise free relationships.


“Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

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