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Food for thought in Bucharest

Places and forms of power


Voting is taking place in 92 seats spread across 14 states


Media in India are urging citizens to vote in huge numbers on the first big day of the general elections.

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India Elections: Everything you need to know in 120 seconds - BBC News

India's youth vote key in looming election

India's expats shaping general election #BBCtrending - BBC News


Publiée le 7 avr. 2014

#BBCtrending takes a look at the non-resident Indian's helping to shape India's general elections. There are an estimated 25 million Indians who live outside of India. Political parties are trying to use them to their advantage in the upcoming general elections.
The three main parties, the Congress party, the BJP and the AAP, have all set up NRI - or Non-Resident Indian - teams abroad. With intricate social media, online and call centre strategies - in a bid to garner more voters.

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BBC News India general election 2014 #039;Will my vote make a difference

India, the message is clear: women want a say in politics :        

More and more women are voting in Indian elections, yet they remain under-represented in public life - The Guardian- Thrusday, April 10th, 2014.

To read more: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/10/india-elections-women-want-say-politics


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