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Food for thought in Bucharest

This is the weekend from hell for secondary school students in China as they take the national university entrance exam, known as the gaokao. Some 9.4 million students have registered to take the test on June 7 and 8,  The South China Morning Post reports.  Gaokao blessing” was the most popular phrase on Weibo, with 57 million posts.

To read morehttp://qz.com/218114/more-than-9-million-chinese-students-are-taking-their-university-entrance-exam/


China's annual college entrance examination: Gaokao 2014


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2013 - Site web réalisé par Philippe STOLTZ, élève en terminale S, et Nathalie DUFAUX, professeur d anglais - Lycée Français Anna de Noailles de Bucarest.